Forecast for Atlantic Hurricane Season 2024


Record sea surface temperatures forecasting an eventful hurricane season

2024’s hurricane season is set to be an extremely active few months for the Atlantic basin:

  • With La Nina conditions forecasted for the peak of season with an 80% likelihood, trade winds and other conditions may enhance storm formation and development.
  • Higher sea surface temperatures can drive up the frequency and intensity of hurricanes in some situations.

80% of assessed forecasts call for 10-12 hurricanes throughout the season.

Months ahead of schedule for Oceanic Heat Content.


The number of times the ‘I’ storm has been retired from official WMO Atlantic hurricane name lists.


In our new 2024 Hurricane Forecast report, Anna Neely and the Howden Re team highlight important data, and how that is informing forecasts and the impact of hurricanes for the coming months.

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