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Maximise your performance with TigerEye – the industry’s leading pricing and portfolio management platform

Powering Fast, Actionable Reinsurance Analytics

TigerEye enables modelling outputs to drive business decisions. Actionable data to answer business questions such as “should we write this risk?”, “is this price acceptable”, and “how does this impact my portfolio” is available within minutes.


Versatile Pricing

TigerEye allows you to leverage the full power of your models to gain a robust picture of the underlying risk exposures and create optimal risk to capital solutions. TigerEye can quickly analyze treaties with complex structures, while simultaneously allowing you to view the marginal impact on your portfolio. With all of this in a quick and intuitive user interface it’s clear why TigerEye is currently changing the landscape of reinsurance analytics for underwriters and analysts worldwide.

Powerful Portfolios

The ability to quickly roll up and interrogate a portfolio leads to smarter portfolio management. With TigerEye you can roll-up a multi-model portfolio with thousands of layer/treaties and identify drivers of profit and capacity. TigerEye helps you allocate the cost of ceded reinsurance so you can optimize your ceded reinsurance program.

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